Welcome to the virtual Live Prog HQ

Live Prog brings reviews, but different. Reviews you don't read, but watch. Reviews that have music in them, so you can have a bit of an impression of a release. Reviews that don't tell you the tech side of music, but the emotional side.

Live Prog brings reviews that are personal.


Since 2010 Live Prog has brought many reviews of different styles of music. Mainly progressive rock, but also progressive metal. And in time other genres were added, like electronic music, pop music and other forms of metal. And despite the name is Live Prog, any release can be reviewed.

Live Prog is a one man operation and a work of love. After many years writing reviews, the transition was made to video. All recorded in an intimate setting at the real Live Prog HQ. Since the time to create the reviews is limited, the focus is on the better albums and not on negative reviews. However, Live Prog reviews are always honest and independent.

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