Alias Eye - In-Between

Alias-Eye-In-BetweenGerman progressive rockband Alias Eye has returned with a stunning new album: In-Between. Some five years after their last release, In Focus (2007), they have now released their fourth studio album, again filled with their trademark melodic prog. With the artwork of Mattias Norén (ProgArt), they offer an appealing album. They have one guestvocalist on the album, Martin Griffiths, former singer of Beggar's Opera. He sings an Alias Eye version of the Beggar's Opera song Time Machine.

Official website:

Released: 2012



Arabesque (6:52)
Break What We Know (4:26)
In-Between (4:19)
Time Machine (5:42)
Indentured Pride (3:55)
Stars Shall Fall (4:51)
All The Rage 3:12)
Distant Memories (4:30)
Take What’s Mine (4:32)
The Blink Of An Eye (4:59)

Line Up

Ludwig Benedek - Drums
Frank Fischer - Bass
Tilmar Fischer - Keyboards
Philip Griffiths - Vocals
Mathias Wurm - Guitar

Additional musicians
Martin Griffiths - Vocals on Time Machine


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